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NOTE: I was drawing him without the old ref I made a while ago, his eye maybe changed in the future

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info to the right is copied from Ink!Sans wiki

Personality Edit

When Hypo was in his AU he was the normal sans, Lazy and care free. After his AU was erased he became more Caring and Uptight and acted like everyone could be a threat, once Hypo Hazardous and Knight sans moved to the empty AU he became more open to people, Joker, Fun, and happy

Appearance Edit

Coat: Hypo has an oversized Coat with Rim trim around the hood and sleeves and a fluffy inside along with inside pockets, his coat is dark grew with blue and white bands around his shoulders a blue star in the middle, from the elbow down is white with a blue band. the fluff is a light tan color.

Shorts: Has thick knee long shorts with fluffy trim and large pockets, dark grey and white, each leg has a blue star in the middle with white stripes going vertical (up and down)

Sweater: turtle neck with a double star in the middle the neck and sleeves are dark blue with white torso.

Shirt: half dark grey half light blue with a star in the middle

Boots: giant boots that go up to his knees thicker then normal boots to protect his feet from frost bite, the under side of the boots are about an inch thick with small spikes on the bottom to keep him from slipping on ice. fluff trim, weaved middle going up to the fluff trim. (ref coming soon)

Gloves: similar to inks gloves only they change from dark grey to white when in a warm area

Story Edit

coming soon!

Relationship links Edit

Zephyr sans (Hazardous is my oc without a wiki yet)

Hypothermia sans

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